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Tom's Performance Machine and Repair
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Automotive Machining provided at Tom's Performance Machine and Repair in Vancouver, WA

Full Service Automotive Machine Shop

We turn our customer’s visions into realities that beat their expectations. We not only have highly skilled machinists, but more importantly those who are experts in this industry.

Bored cylinder heads offered at Tom's Performance Machine and Repair in Vancouver, WA

Machine Shop Services

  • Pressure Check Cylinder Heads
  • Vacuum Test Cylinder Heads
  • Surface Cylinder Heads
  • Cylinder Head Rebuild
  • Valve Re-facing
  • Cleaning and Hot Tanking
  • Block Prep
  • Bore and Hone
  • Line Hone
  • Block Decking
  • Rod Rebuilding
  • Crank Shaft Polishing
  • Crank Shaft Turning
  • Balancing
  • Flywheel Surfacing
  • Lathe Work
  • Bridge Port Work
  • E.D.M. Bolt Designator
  • Brake Rotor and Drum Turning
  • Pressing (Bearing, Bushings etc.)

Custom Balancing

With our state of the art computerized Hines balancer, we have the ability to do everything from internal balancing, installing heavy metal, to snowmobile clutch balance jobs.

Balancing An Cylinder Head
A newly bored cylinder head

Cylinder Head Porting

One of the keys to increasing horse power as discussed on our performance tuning page is allowing more air and increasing the ease of which exhaust gasses can escape. Horsepower is obtained by increasing the overall airflow of the engine i.e. more air in and more air out is the ultimate goal. A great way to achieve engine air flow is cylinder head porting which increases the efficiency as manufactured heads are usually not optimal in design or the manufacturing process.

Intake Manifold Porting

Removing the large casting imperfections within the inside of your intake runners means less turbulence within your manifold. This in turn results in better atomization of fuel and more efficient combustion of fuel within the chamber. In short… more horsepower!


Custom Fabrication

Have an idea that you need help in being realized? Would you like to alter or modify your ride in a fully customized way? Call Tom’s and let us consult you in how to turn your vision into a reality!

Bored out Engine Block
A newly bored cylinder head