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Performance Tuning offered at Tom's Performance Machine and Repair

Let Tom's Boost Your Horse Power

As an accomplished stock car racer himself, Tom fully understands the desire to get the most performance out of your motor. With 35 years of industry experience (both behind the wheel and under the hood) you can trust Tom's to be the best at getting the job done right. Tom has shared his knowledge and given many other professionals, semi-pros, and street racers the needed edge to be among the best in this highly competitive industry. Looking For Performance? Here are a few ways Tom’s can make that happen for you:

Turbo Charger Diagram

1. Turbo/ Super Chargers

One of the best ways to get more power out of your engine. With gains of 30 to 40 percent in horse power, turbo chargers are usually a great place to start in getting serious performance out of your motor.They work by forcing more fuel and air into the existing cylinders. This can add a boost between six and eight pounds per square inch!

Cold Air Intake System

2. Cold Air Intake

The science is simple… the result is exponential! In a nutshell cold air is denser. This means that you can fit more air into the cylinders that mix with fuel. This more air to fuel ratio can give you a realistic boost in horsepower usually adding between 5 and 7 horses in a typical engine.

Cat Back Exhaust

3. Cat Back Exhaust

Straightening out the exhaust system from the catalyst on back makes it easier for the gases to escape. This in turn makes additional room for more air and fuel… which as discussed above can significantly increase your horsepower. High performance exhaust systems can be created with straightening, along with free flowing mufflers, big tail pipes, and headers.

4. Reflashing

If your ride is already turbo or supercharged then Reflashing may be another great way to boost your rides performance. Most vehicles have a CPU chip that controls their timing, fuel to air mixture and more. Reflashing is basically installing a performance programmed chip that enhances timing, fuel to air mixture, as well as other possible boosting techniques into your vehicle.

Reflashing Chip

5. High Flow Catalyst

Modern High Flow Catalytic Converters can instantly and easily add boost you can feel when you step on the pedal. Combine the high flow converter with the Cat Back Exhaust as described above and get the most for your money.

High Flow System

6. Increase Displacement

We can see that many of the methods discussed above included the thought of adding a higher fuel to air ratio into each cylinder… now imagine the benefit of having bigger cylinders! Increasing the displacement of your engine is performed by making the cylinders bigger. Doing this by itself will get you good gains… but doing this in combination of the other techniques discussed above will give you a true one-two combination when you need that added punch.

Cylandar Head Porting Image

Not Sure What To Start With?

Every make and model is different. Let Tom's customize a performance package for you... to give you the most bang for your buck. Call Tom's Today to find out more.